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Inko is a link chat, writing and discovery tool which runs in the browser. It will help you learn faster and multiply your productivity.
We are in beta, and forming our strategy. Think of this homepage as our first edition of something we ourselves are working on improving. Join the beta to earn premium, and help us decipher this knowledge work tool.
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Product Picture
Discuss topics from your links (possible from browser bookmarks) in limited member chat groups
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the intention of slack and breadth of reddit
comparison with slack
The breadth of help tosses Slack in the bin
🧪 One enjoys 2-3 slack communities at maximum
🧪 The internet is filled with far more things to learn
comparison with reddit
Pinpoint accuracy as compared to Reddit
🌡️ 90% of reddit comments are unhelpful
🌡️ Chance to find the exact person to help is almost 0%.
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Why it works
Opting to engage in group learning with others who share the same interest is a more effective approach when seeking to acquire new knowledge.
Opting to engage in live chat while shopping will give reviews of reviews. You can even hold long chats to confirm your purchase options.
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